Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I usually hate when people go on blogs and write that in the comments...anyway, here I try this blog/website thing again. Some of y'all may remember my website, kalabro.org and the excellent site Greasetank. Ah, Greasetank...how I miss that site. Anyway, here we go...two of my favorites...


Kid Nova said...


Seriously though, why haven't I seen your art before? It's AMAZING and right up my alley too. These two pics are great! I especially love the 'Hector and the Wolves' image - that's just nasty! ;) You've created such great facial expressions for both your central male figures.

Out of curiosity, what happened to your website? And what was Greasetank?

godofredo said...

I miss greasetank but yout drawings are beautiful

Punisher said...


I can see the resemblance... ;)
(but your version is better)