Monday, July 21, 2008

Belasco's Boo

With much respect to Belasco (seriously, check out his blog!), I thought I'd try my hand at drawing his signature character "Boo." Of course, this is just a figure sketch--pretty easy. I'm--hopefully--going to do some drawings of Boo in action (I've always wanted to see him/draw him getting fucked).


rippedup said...

please yes, boo needs to be fucked bad! i want to see his attitude melt way when a real man takes him.

gruffruff said...

You got Boo down pat. Fuckin fantastic. WOOF

Kid Nova said...

Yep, would sure like to see him getting fucked! ;) I like how his briefs are kinda tattered and we can see bits of his cock poking through... :D