Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Mummy Pit

Well, as you can see, I figured out what to do next in the Mummy series. So, go me! Though it sucks to be that bodybuilder, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Sucks? I think he's one lucky s.o.b.

nexcon said...

Hey! Just discovered your site. I've admired and liked your work for a long time. Thanks!

Ludeck said...

BEST artist of all times!
Hey, I was hoping to get a link or website of your entire collection. I used to browse a lot of your drawins when greasetank was up.

Having stetches of hot muscular men getting their balls torture is a TOTAL turn on, and very homoerotic. Please let me know what can i do do view your entire collection.
Also, a nut-tug between two hot guys would be great to watch. I dunno if i can leave my email on this site to keep in touch with you, but will try: logan_jock AT hotmail DOT com

jandy said...

I missed your work-art SOOOO much!
and i'm such a HUGE fan of your art!

i just happened to discover this site like 2 minutes ago?

anyway i LOVE your art.
and i WOULD love to see all of your old artwork.
especially the "helpless" one or something like that.

and yeah, let me know too what i could do to see your collection.
erm, i dunnoe bout emails too but is my email just in case.

and i'll visit this site more often now that i've found it!


simonlaun said...

keep updating please, nice works.

Kid Nova said...

Gaak! Another intense sketch .The spittle looks great in particular.