Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tarzan in Color

Hat tip to "hotcha" who took this piece and colored it. Which do you prefer? Me, I like 'em all.


MSSF said...

Well, I think I like the second one best....but you are right they are all great. (I am a 3D artist check out my blog. I think you will like what you find there. )

heydude said...

They are all good. The third one seems more "dark" in it's mood.
Great work Kalabro.
More Please!

Mason Wyler said...

Hey Kalabro,
I messaged you awhile back about commissioning you to create some artwork for me. I was wondering if you were still up for doing it. I'd love to have you draw me getting what I deserve ;)
Please email me at your earliest convenience. My email is

-Mason Wyler-

domwarn said...

i love your art, have the ability to almost bring your men to life, such raw power masculinity and steamin hot sexynessss !!! ;O) and all these versions are great !! i'd love to see the complete pic

Kid Nova said...

Love them all as well, especially the first two. :) Great job, Hotcha!