Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Four Sketches

When I did these sketches, I hadn't thought of them fitting into a rough narrative, but I guess they sort of do. Sort of. I think I'm far to ADD to think of doing sequential comic art--I've tried and I usually get bored. I'll likely come back with more sketches that fill in the "gaps".


Randsome7 said...

CAUGHT is my favorite - the wrist ropes cutting into him as he struggles with strength

steve said...

They're ALL fantastic! Like Frazetta with a little anime mixed in - GREAT stuff!

Boy, you really do go for the Jungle Boy look, don't you? Not that I'm complaining!

Jdinss said...


Are you still doing commissions---I have two of your works hanging in my study and they never fail to attract attention.
I LOVE your latest works on this site!

sfzephyr said...

Our young Tarzan does seem to get into more than his fair share of scrapes; how DOES he keep getting out of them? :)

I think my favorite is the fish food image - the leech burrowing up his cock is brutally erotic.

And I understand what you're saying about not wanting to do a complete series of images as a story, as you would get bored doing all of the "filler" images that connect one awesomely erotic scene to the next.

Thank you again for sharing all of his awesome artwork with us, and keep up the great work!

musclsvg said...

This is a great group of drawings. Especially the fourth one. I like that you can see your erasures. It shows how your idea for the work changed. Originally Tarzan was to be chained between two posts, but then his hands became tied behind his back and his genitals bound to a tether. My mind immediately started to constructed the backstory to the picture.

The apeman is placed by his captors in a tide pool or well. The rope tied around his cock and balls runs down and is thread through an iron ring between his feet. The line then travels up to the high sides of the pit where his enemies hold the other end of the slack rope. Unwilling to submit, Tarzan's arch rival orders the hole to be flooded. The waters rise around the muscular, naked physique of the white savage, but he does not break when faced with the threat of drowning. The pool fills and soon the apeman must tread water to keep his head above the surface.

Then his captors tighten the line secured around his genitals. Tarzan can feel himself being pulled under but does not yield. Then the leader signals to his henchmen and he is pulled beneath the surface. Suspended underwater, the apeman struggles vainly to free himself despite the burning pain inflected on his lungs and manhood. Suddenly he feels the line between his legs slacken and he bobs to the surface. Gasping for air, it is a moment before he can fix his nemesis with his still unrelentless stare. Another signal is given and the apeman is submerged again. The attempts to break the jungle lord are repeated over and over. Each time the duration of the torture is lengthened. After the longest period underwater, Tarzan is allowed to surface again. This time his tormentor stands with a bowl in his hand. Bending over he offers the apeman a look at it's contents. A squirming mass of slug-like organisms.

"Allow me to explain" says his sneering captor. "I had hoped not to resort to the use of these creatures, but you leave me no choice. A first glance they appear to be ordinary leeches, but these are extremely rare and quite effective. When added to this watery torture chamber then will head straight for your naked body. Some will clamp themselves to your nipples, while other will attach to your cock and balls. They will inject a toxin into your bloodstream that will bring you to a speedy arousal. You errection will be extreme and taut and like none you've experienced. You balls will boil as they're forced to produce as much of your ape jizz as possible. Your nervous system will buzz with each erotic synapse ready to fire. That's when you will experience the rulers of this colony. The monarchs will burrow up the pre-cum lubricated channel of your urethra to enter your scrotum. It will feel like a violent ejaculation, but in reverse. Once implanted on your testicles they will feed on the abundance of your semen and emit their powerful essence. Sensation the magnitude you have never experience will travel up your brain stem and your mind will explode in a bombast of erotic ecstasy. This is the way they kill lessor hosts that they invade, but a strong and powerful specimen like yourself should survive."

To be continued...

musclsvg said...


"There will be consequences" said the leader rising again to his full height. "Your brain will be reduced to that of the dumbest of creatures. Your body will continue to act as host to it's invaders. Greedy guests, they will spur the production of your semen to feed on and your testosterone levels will skyrocket. Your all ready magnificent physique will increase in size and strength much like that of a gelded animal. A mass of hard muslce without an intellect and fit for use only as a beast of burden."

Then the apeman's tormentor holds the bowl out over the water's surface. The two men trade stares. When it is evident that the captive is still unyielding another signal is given. Once again Tarzan can feel the rope bound around the base of his cock and balls pull him downward. All is silence as the sound of the ripples above fade away. Then comes the plopping sound of something hitting the water.

godofredo said...

please , draw forever

Kid Nova said...

These are customarily BRILLIANT. Each one is so evocative. They all stand alone as complete works of art and yet at the same time go wonderfully well together as a series. My hat off to you on these artworks, man. Truly inspiring stuff.

On a more specific note, I love how you managed to incorporate a snake AND a crocodile in 'hanged' and the dirty little underwater nasties in 'fish food' are terrifyingly creative in their design.