Saturday, November 28, 2009

Who Is He?

I've been trying to come up with a backstory and some ingenuous tortures for this bodybuilder, but haven't come up with much besides him being a 6'2, 235lb bodybuilder. So, here's the deal: you commenters get to name him, come up with a backstory (age, etc.), and suggest future drawings of this stud in danger and pain. Tell me what you want me to do with him.


Tyler said...

I like a challenge - here's a suggestion: His name is Karson, and he is a 19 year old college football star, but he has taken illegal muscle-enhancing drugs to improve his performance. Unfortunately they have a side effect of giving him erotic hallucinations of bizarre events and tortures occuring to him - every night a new adventure of pain mixed with pleasure. Tonight he's dreaming that he is one of the sailors on the 'Nautilus' in '20,000 leagues under the sea', fighting off the giant squid, but the squid has captured him, lifting him high into the air, tearing off his clothes and wrapping all those beautiful muscles and his proud erect cock in its tentacles, which suck and pull at his sensitive skin as he is pulled slowly, helplessly towards the squid's beak-like mouth... will he wake in time from the nightmare?

RasConrad said...

he kinda reminds me of porn star RACE COOPER, he's doing a new series of movies that envolve wrestling. Check him out

Anonymous said...

Nice plan, i like it.
I guess his name is Marcus. He's a 19 year old straight bodibuilder. He is after the girlfriend of one of the friends. His gelous friend catches up with his plans and decides to give Marcus a lesson. After getting involved in a fight with said friend, that he ultimately losses, due to been outnumbered, his enemies tie him up and drug him. They take him to a near police station where corrupt police men have a set a base of operations for their little slave market. After feeling and testing Marcus's muscles they take him in under supposed charges of drug possession, his paperwork suspiciously missing after a transfer to a larger facility. Marcus comes to his senses just as he is been sold to a group of sadist old men. They realize that their pray is now awake and set to knock him down. They hit him allover with baseball bats, delighted with his screams as they work over his sculpted abs and exploding in laughter wile the pour stud squirmed in pain after a really hard blow to his balls. Finally his body passes out from exhaustion and cant even protest as the 5 men unceremoniously feel him up and down. Finally they decide its time to go and put him to sleep with chloroform. Marcus wakes up in a windowless dungeon. He is spread eagled on a metal table his wrist and ankles firmly tight with chains. He nervously looks around wondering what will happen next...

howchildish said...

I'm into medical play so...

I like to call him Adrian. He's 18 years old, one day when he was jogging a car hit him and knocked him out. When he wakes up he finds himself in a medical room and unable to move. A doctor comes in and tells him that he has spinal cord injuries and he's going to treat him when in fact, Adrian was drugged by this sadistic doctor who then does a whole bunch of "treatments" on Adrian. Maybe like sounding, anal probing (enema), maying even pinning his sensitive area with needles, just anything that can make him scream in pain....

Tyler said...

Heres another idea - his name is Trent, and today is his 21st birthday. Unfortunately whilst out celebrating, he managed to offend the logal crime lord, who decides to make an example of him. After being captured and stripped naked, the crime lord has him mounted like a trophy on the front of his stretched limo pimpmobile, as if he was a living version of the flying lady on a rolls royce, and then proceeds to cruise round the neighbourhood, to humiliate him in front of the local population. To increase the torment, the evil crimelord has run the wires from the brake lights and the turn signals to various sensitive parts on the youth's skin (you can guess where) so that, whenever the car slows down or turns, an agonising electric shock runs through that young body... and this is just the beginning...

Tyler said...

This challenge has really got me thinking!

OK here's another idea. You've drawn two pictures so maybe it's not just one Bodybuilder but two - two identical twins, Carter and Craig, the same in every way except one is bad and the other good. The bad one, Carter, is always up to no good, leaving a trail of angry victims behind him, and the poor innocent good one, Craig, always gets punished for his brothers bad deeds. They come from a rough neighbourhood where the only rule is - don't rat on your friends. They will never break this rule...

But on this occasion, one of Carter's victims has decided to find out, once and for all, which twin is which. The twins are kidnapped off the street, stripped, tied and bound, spreadeagled, opposite eachother in a basement.

After whips, canes, electric shocks, hot wax and chilli sauce on their most sensitive skin fail to break the studs, their abuser has resorted to a more serious scheme. He has attached a rope between them, tied at each end to each stud's cock and balls. The abuser has tattoo'd large numbers onto each boy's chest and butt, so that they can always be told apart. Now he only has to find out which boy is which...

Neither one wants to tell the abuser who he is - Carter doesn't because he is a born liar, and Craig innocently wants to protect his brother. One at a time, the abuser adds heavier and heavier bar bell weights to the line, stretching their balls beyond the point of agony. The boys scream and yell, but do not give away their secret-yet. But the abuser has all night and an unlimited supply of weights - either one of the twins will break and tell the truth, or something else will break, and it won't be the rope...

Punisher said...

Dear Kalabro,

I must say I’m a huge fan of your work. And I’m sure you get that a lot. But, I must explain why I ‘m so attracted to your art. It’s a rather complex answer, but I’ll try to put it simply: my biggest fetish is to see tough guy in pain, in general. I know it sounds a bit simple and trivial, but let me elaborate. The thing is, that guy must posses some really concrete features and personality (in a physical as well as psychological way). For example, he has to be athletic, fit and in great shape, that is to be muscled - but not in a disgusting way (I’ve visited tons of sites with themes of “muscled” men, who in fact turned out to be with deformed, or abnormally enlarged body parts - I’m really not turned on by that hideous or unnatural and unrealistic shapes ). Further more, he has to be totally str8, and I mean totally, and by that I mean str8-looking and str8-acting, tough and rough, and that he is not enjoying man-to-man contact – on the contrary, he is sicked at it (and it is important that that feeling has to be visible on his face, as well as physical pain). And at the and he has to be treated with brute force, without mercy, and viciously (I’m not turned on by that feminine crap like spanking, or intimisation where both parties enjoy with smile on their faces…). So you see, I have a quite a specific taste as well as fetish, and to find it ALL IN ONE artist was a true mission impossible for me. To find it all – the right proportion of muscles with no deformed parts, the absolute str8 guy with no fem shit, the brutal enforcement in numerous ways… Needless to say, I visited countless sites, searching for years (literally) for photos / pictures / drawings, that will posses all these characteristics, but to no avail. But you… YOU put it all together, and made my every dream come true! I couldn’t be happier as I was browsing through your drawings, admiring and totally enjoying your skill to capture the true essence of pain and misery on victims’ faces. And on top of it all, every victim was a beautiful yet realistic muscleman, treated with cold and insensible intent. My happiness was complete :) I also admire the variety of your themes – gutpunching (one of my biggest fetishes), raping, fantasy elements (furious and merciless creatures and monsters), as well as butcher-like bloody approach (biting, stabing, cutting, The only thing that could make me happier even more is if you could update your blog more frequently, that is to post new drawings a little bit more often, instead of just once per month (and sometimes even rarer). But I guess I’m pushing my luck here.
Having said that, I would be more than happy to answer your proposal. ‘Cause, personally so far I’ve come up with great number of storylines and role-playing scenarios, envolving just the right themes you depict on your drawings.
At the and, please pardon my English (‘cause it’s not my mother tongue), and sorry for the length of my comment, but I had to let you know what your work means to me...

Punisher said...

So, here’s one short scenario: his name is Bred, and he is 25 years old, totally str8 guy, who simply awakes in a so-called “twilight zone” (remember that TV show?) where he is caught in numerous deadly situations, making no sense to him, and with no idea how he got there in the first place.
For example, suddenly he awakes in a cold cavern, only to be surrounded and attacked by many bloodthirsty Demons (each of them bigger and stronger than him) kicking his ass brutally, and tearing his clothes apart. After bruising this helpless stud, he is half-consciously dragged to a cell where he is tied to a pole (arms behind back, or above head), and bruised some more. After that, he is mercilessly biten and clawed to his pecs, abs and cock (lets call it a Demon apetiser before the main course), and repeteadly raped in ass and mouth, while screaming and struggling. Finally, still alive but exhausted and at the end of his strength, he is roasted on a huge grill, occasionally stabbed by Demon-chef ‘s knife or fork to his abs and cock, while struggling with his last breath (hopelessly, of course)...

Kalabro said...

@Punisher: Thanks for your comments--and I LOVE the way you think!

Anonymous said...

He is called Tristan and he gets saline infused into his cock and balls, so that his sack becomes massive and low hanging. He's getting a tight CBT bondage and Estim.

Tyler said...

So come on, K, are any of the suggestions so far getting your pencil moving, if you know what I mean?

loganjock said...

Love all the ideas so far. I must say tho, whatever one you choose, it be totally hot to see this muscle stud in ball pain. Like the vampire hottie, gettin his balls squeezed! Or the "Jock soup," where some giants grab the jocks and lift them by their balls... (btw... where are those drawings?)

Personally, thats a total turn on, see a masc-musc jock getting his balls squeezed!

Randsome7 said...

Strapped naked and sweating and Put him in extreme machines of muscle building weights - for all day muscle growth torture - ( like VON SADO ISLAND images) - Inject him with inhuman amounts of muscle growing hormones in his balls ten times a day and inject his tits with hormones too
make him a test subject of the Russian ALPAHA MALE extreme.

brave bull said...

Dear Kalabro.
I found your blog by chance and i like it very, very much.
It´s the first time what i write in it. Pardon by my english (it´s not my mother tongue).
Well, is for this, i suscribe (and copy) all the words what wrote "Punisher" in a previous messages. I think like him.
Thanks so much for your great works. All your pencils are magníficent. I like specially the Tarzan´s series.
Therefore i encourage you to continue delighting us with more jobs. All yours followers are waiting your next job very anxious.

And now, though with difficulty for expressin my ideas (notions); i´ll try to make a request abot your challenge...

brave bull said...

Bred´s destiny is fight (and maybe die) attacked by many bloodthirsty demons in a cold, dark and dirty cavern...
For next stories (fantasies) or futures character, i like to imagine that Bred is kindnapped when he´s competing in bodybuilding championships.
This can happen in any country in the world (USA, UK, Spain, China, Vietnam, Arabbian Emirates, Irán, etc, etc).

The "maffias" and local gangsters (brutal and ruthless henchmen) will catch, locking him after beating him savagely.

Poor Bred (or Tarzán) is tuned into a beast of burden (in fact, he´s a real stallion).
Bred (Tarzán) is marked with a hot iron, as a ordinary calf. His skin is burned with the simbol of their captors. He´s chained. He´s sevelery beaten. He´s cold, hunger and thirst.
He lives in the estables as an animal more.

During the day, he´s forced to work: bound and dragging a heavy cart; pulling an old plow, always being beaten and whipping by the guards.
At night, he´s used as a sex toy: is milked, his balls and cock are tortured, etc, etc...

For how long? He may scape one day? Or will forever be a slave? Survive to be so long, severe and harsh punishment his muscular body?

Well, only Kalabro has the answers.

Sory, i hope you can read and understand my comments.
Thank you very much for everything, Kalabro.

masterm said...

Scene 2, Part 1

Several months later, Deon was stlll working out at the gym but hadn't found any more "candidates". One new guy did draw his attention, although not for the usual reason. This was Jake, a huge mountain of a man, in his late 20's, well over 6 ft and massive--280 lbs or more of cut muscle. Aggressively masculine and self-assured, Jake far outshone Deon on the floor. And Deon didn't like it.

Using his old formula, Deon tried making friends with this man whom he jealously intended to somehow ensnare, overpower and turn into his next victim. But Jake was having none of it. Confused and angered, Deon nursed his bruised ego and plotted.

One night, toward closing, with the attendant asleep at his desk, only Jake and Deon were still working out in the gym. It was what Deon was waiting for, planning to attack him from behind in the locker room, knock him out, torture and kill him. He would show no mercy. Smirking to himself, he continued his workout, finding extra strength to do a few more bench presses.

Suddenly, as Deon was about to finish, Jake was directly in front of him, pushing the barbell down as Deon fruitlessly tried to push it up. The bar was tight against his throat, choking him. Just as suddenly, Jake let the pressure off and Deon quickly squirmed out from under and started to run. For a big man, Jake was fast, grabbing Deon before he took two steps. He swung him around to face him. And with the strength of his 280 lbs of muscle, he bashed the smaller man in the guts, sending him flying across the room. Jake was on Deon again, his big hand smothering the struggling man's face. Deon tried hard just to get some air into his aching lungs, hardly noticing that Jake's free hand was roughly pulling off his gym shorts and shredding his tank top. Then that big hand grasped his his head even harder, pounding it against the floor, knocking him almost senseless.

Jake rolled his helpless quarry over, exposing Deon's two big, hard, round ass-cheeks to his tormentor.

masterm said...

Dear Kalabro:

Somehow my first comment,the first of my scenario/backstories, did not get published and I only realized it when I saw my second one on your site.

So I am redoing it.

First let me say I have been a fan of yours since I discovered you on the late, lamented Greasetank website. I think your work--both what you draw and how you draw it--is incredible.

I am not sure what I have concocted is what you are looking for, (it's prpbably much too detailed) but I really enjoyed dreaming is up and hope it is useful.

My scenario is in two scenes and three parts.

So.......his name is Deon. He is 24 and a bully.

Scene 1:

Deon likes nothing better than to beat up "fags" who come on to him. And he makes damn sure they do.

His favorite hunting ground is the gym where he zeros in on straight-acting, gay college boys who are younger and smaller than he is. He befriends them and helps them with their workouts. Being flattered by his attention, a mark will soon suggest a drink after the gym followed by more at his place.

TJ is his newest prey. Blond, 5'8", 175 well-developed lbs, he had a not-bad body for only a couple of years in a gym. But he was nothing like the sex machine that Deon saw himself as.

Just like it had gone several times before, after a few weeks of "friendship" TJ suggested drinks. Deon, as usual, nursed his one drink while TJ--like most of the marks--downed several getting up his nerve to invite his new buddy back to his apartment.

Once there, Deon literally swung into action, punching the smaller man in the gut, kneeing him hard in the balls, grabbing him by the hair and finally knocking him unconscious with a hard punch to the jaw. Stripping him, Deon tied TJ to a chair and slapped him back into his nightmare. He started torturing him with electricity, attaching clamps to his nipples and crotch. He followed that up with a plastic bag over TJ's frightened, protesting head. Laughing sadistically, the tormentor pulled the bag off only at the very last moment.

Finally, his hands firmly around TJ's throat, Deon squeezed, all his muscles tensed and straining.

What the "sex machine" failed to recognize--or chose to ignore--was his throbbing cock, harder than it had ever been, erupting in seemingly unending spasms of cum as TJ's life ebbed away,

masterm said...

Scene 2, Part 2:

Jake grabbed a rope and whipped Deon's ass until it was red and twitching. Then he unceremoniously plugged his big thick 9"s into the smaller man's tight hole. Deon whimpered and moaned. But then pain exploded throughout his whole body as Jake replaced his cock with his unlubricated fist, thrusting it piston-like up the unwilling asshole. Deon screamed in agony. Jake popped out his fist, shoving it into Deon's quivering face and, for the first time, spoke.

"Clean it," he ordered. And Deon, so full of pain and fear, didn't hesitate. "You're a sloppy eater," his tormentor said, looking at his streaked lips. Grabbing him by his hair, Jake dragged the defeated, once proud, "sex machine" into a toilet stall. "This should clean you up nicely," he said, plunging his face into the bowl and holding him down as he struggled.

But Jake wasn't finished with him yet. He roughly turned the sputtering, gasping muscle-man around and in one quick move, he had Deon's jockstrap on the floor, exposing his 8' rock-hard cock dripping with pre-cum. Jake scowled and grabbed the pulsing cock and balls and started quick-marching his prey into the locker room.

They had taken no more than a few steps when Deon, stopped, wimpered and his captive cock exploded, spewing cum onto Jake. Disgusted, Jake punched him hard in the balls and squarely on the jaw. Deon crumpled to the floor and Jake was on him now, both hands around his neck, squeezing.

"You give us all a bad name," he hissed.

Taking one hand off his wheezing captive's neck, Jake reached down, grabbed Deon's balls and, with one mighty pull, ripped them out of the struggling man's scrotum.

Deon screamed.

Jake got up, dropped his bloody handful on his vicitim's heaving belly and calmly walked away from him.

Deon had stopped screaming now, but was sobbing, lying in an ever-increasing pool of blood.

Jake turned one last time to Deon and quietly said: "I loved TJ."

Hapki68 said...

Hi everyone,

I just learned about this site and am totally getting off on it. Really cock hardening suggestions from everyone.

I completely agree with Punisher that the victim must be totally straight, younger (late teens/20s), cocky, well built but not freakish (more A&F, military, frat type).

I prefer there to be a contrast between the tortured stud and the person or persons torturing him... either an age, race, class, or appearance difference. For example, an old ugly dude as the torturer or a black guy torturing a white one.

The torture itself should be extremely brutal, humiliating and designed to maximize both physical and mental agony for the longest period of time.

As for this image:

Karson is a 19 yo college football star. Jeb is a 40 yo successful southern businessman who wants to impress the other fathers at his elite social club by throwing a unique and fun-filled weekend for his son's birthday. The men and boys are invited to a remote hotel (all expenses paid, of course) where Karson is brought in like an animal -- struggling, buck naked, collared, chained -- by men with tasers and led to the middle of a large room where he is secured in place standing spread eagle by a noose from the ceiling, cables and leather straps from the walls and floor (for wrists and ankles) and a drain below him to catch all fluids. The room is filled with various tools (pliers, nails) and devices (whips, clamps). The bar is well stocked for the fathers, music plays, tvs show POW scenes from movies, and the boys are able to take turns "letting off some steam" using Karsten in a happy and testosterone-charged atmosphere that contrasts greatly with the misery and terror of the football stud.

The fathers know that the boys would rip the stud to shreds and the fun would be over immediately if they let them go hog wild, so they make sure the play is slow, controlled and instructive. For example, the boys watch enraptured as the birthday boy is given a long needle, told to grip the stud's ball sacks in his left hand ("yank them hard out from his body till the scrotum is shiny") while pushing the needle threw both nuts with his right. The father's congratulate the bday boy on Karsten's loud agonizing screams and call up the next eager young man.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful artwork! Came across your site via link from MSSF. I know I'm commenting here four months after you originally posted "Who Is He?", but here's an idea for your Karson series (or for any other of your musclemen caught in perilous situations).

It's a very unusual form of danger, bondage and pain: Karson (or any other of your well-muscled heroes) finds himself caught in a powerful flexing pose, turning to solid stone! No matter how much he struggles, he can't move those parts of his sinewy vascular physique that have painfully transformed into an inanimate rocky sculpture, perfectly imprisoning him within his own body. Perhaps the antagonist is present, carressing and worshipping our stiffening hero and enjoying the crystalline texture of his victim's granitic struggle against his eventual and total petrification... alive and aware but trapped as a rock-hard statue.

Can you use this idea? If so, I'd *love* to see how you can render this kind of scenario in your bold and magnificent drawing style. Thanks very much in advance.


Mr.goodass said...

I got one, poor demarcus is having a bad day work. He cant seem to connect with ball. On the field ,he's distracted and sees flashbacks of these scenes, which of course are of him in various sexual and compromisin positions. He's at the bar after one of his hardday practices and he's tyin them on. The bar is his favorite local bar,average, unassumingly generic, a fridays without food.The Bartender is pouring them heavy and demarcus is throwing them down.Finally ,after about fifteen drinks and four shots and seven hours later ,demarcus is done rather obliterated he can't even talk clearly and he's constantly going back to the dream he's been having with total incoherency, a flash of lucidity he sees himself kissing in foggy bathroom at his house but he cant quite make out who the other person is and this troubles him . Finally ,closing time and demarcus is half sober ,but wants to drive himself home ,bad idea eh? well the bartender will have none of that shit,he calls a cab and it arrives shortly. Demarcus is poured into the back . At this point,he can hardly speak ,so between the bartender and cabbie have to rifle threw this 6'2" ,235 pound muscleyassed tightend's personals to finds his wallet and I.D. .Get the i.d. ,they find out where he lives and demarcus passes out. An hour goes by and demarcus arrives at his residence(not a bad neighborhood) the cabbie takes notice. They get to this gated part of the community and demarcus needs to awakened to get the code and this aint gonna be easy but the cabbie been here before with this drunk shit.He gets out to get to the trunk and finds a bottle of water, Mind you it's thirty degrees.He gets back in, this time in the back with demarcus and rolls down his window alowing a lovely burst of artic chill to revive him. a few minutes go by and no response from demarcus.Ok plan b , arthur ,the cabbie, then undoes the water bottle cap and proceeds to pour it out all over demarcus, at which point he wakes up with obscenities of you and I aint never heard of,but hes up. Disoriented hes up .He tries the code and he cant seem to get it right ,the cab driver is at his wits ends, I mean ,he's got to deal with so much for this job and for such little pay. Finally ,eureka, drunkass gets it right and they're onto the next phase,the front door. Demarcus is stumbling out of the cab without even paying arthur, totally oblivious he's left his wallet on the backseat of the cab. The cab driver just drives off, he's done. Just about a mile away from this is a gas station where arthur stops for gas and to refresh himself in the restroom. As he is gettin out to pump the gas ,he notices in the backseat a little fat and black something. whadaya know,a wallet ,I'm gonna get paid after all" he thinks to himself.he Looks into the wallet and there's like thousands of dollars in it. Arthur has never seen that much money at once in his life as a cabbie and this would be the first time anyone famous jumped into his shit for a fare. This is definitely arthur's lucky day,but there's another thought as well, this one not so benevolent. This thought circles around some seedy shit and you know how one thought leads to others. Next thing we know,ol boy has a boner pokin through his trousers at the pump. Trying to be discreet he shoves the wallet in his jacket pocket and continues to pump.Ding, time to pay, and boner down.Yeah boner down.I know your probably wondering what would make a middle-age man like arthur get a hardon thinking about another man's wallet.) this just in,arthur had some hard years of his own before this day and he is just turning things around ,after his incarceration and all, but that's another chapter,ain't it?.well that's it for now, until next time.we'll have to find out what's arthur's true intentions are about returning that man's wallet. hmmph

marco said...

in a big metal chair,cuffed,belted,rod in cock,rings on shaft,each ball ringed,electric running thru him,as a soft shower above his head,coats him wet