Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two More Karson Drawings


INthralled said...

Thank You. So worth the wait, both pictures, I love how you capture the muscles, always so perfect, for me at least... I get the impression you are hyper critical of your own work. I bet you're sitting on stuff every single other person on earth would regard as intense art (in whatever way they think is good or bad)
Thank You also for your gift of conveying a sense of danger and punishment in the most erotic way possible.
Then there are these works of yours where the giant muscleman vs the big muscleman. You are a master artist, I'm inspired to go out there and earn money just so I can commision you.
I'm so glad you never fully disappeared, it's good to be able to see you, my all time personal favorite is titled 'in the woodshed' I'm not usually into blood, but that little trickle had me leaking for months :)

rippedup said...

well worth the wait. and thanks for continuing to share this work

nebulararararar said...

Hey! Was a big fan of yours from back in the GT days... Happy to see you're still working!

Any chance you'll repost the hottest pics ever? They were of these tar creatures rising up and devouring some poor soul.

godofredo said...

this time you draw daddys

K-Nova said...

Very dynamic shots. You really don't pull your punches! ;)