Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Older Drawings


musclsvg said...

Two great drawings with two hot studs and equally hot, attcking adversaries.

You get the feeling that the first disembodied nemesis is just beginning to work on his suddenly powerless captive. Another tentacle is about to rise out of the ooze to strip away that well slung speedo and attack the cock of this helpless hardbody. The erotic intruder has not encounter a monster that lives in a bog of tar or quicksand. This excellently muscled male specimen will endure hours of torturous abuse by The Creature of The Cum Pit.

One hopes that the attacking amphibian of the second drawing is endowed with more than great guns, quads and an astounding ass. Why would he take prisoner a land dweller, no matter how strongly built and savagely seductive, if he could not bestow a set of gills on his prey? Below the surface abduction must be coupled with the ablity to breathe underwater. The way this merman is built he's not going to be content to spawn like a salmon. He has to have a gigantic sea slug between his legs that pounds heavy loads of potent, milky, semen into the butthole of his victim. This not for long loinclothed stud is going to know what it's like to be the chained, undersea, sex slave of The Man from AtlantAss.

Thanks for posting these drawings from your archives, Kalabro. Excellent and extremely erotic as always.

d mode said...

So hot! I love imagining myself being the muscle guy being dominated in these pics

malesmpractices said...

Hey Kalabro
Have a look at the Hun drawings on my blog
Be great to see your version of the first, third of sixth.

Copyright said...

hey Kalabro
Great work as usual. Have a look at my blog
It'd be great to see your version of the Hun drawings I've posted - espectially first, third or sixth.

ohhhspankme said...

mmm lovelt musclsvg! hopefully he wil be held wide so the jellyfishes in the background get a turn on him as well!

rer said...

And they both have gills. So they can breath under water.