Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nutcrushing Cody


musclsvg said...

These drawings show as much about the giant's brain as it does his brawn. Cody is in the hands of a sadistic fiend with a talent for torment that more than matches his gigantic size and strength. This mountain of muscle has all ready battered his captive into a barely coherent submission. Now the game switches to the introduction of additional tortures.

Ones that will sustain themselves and continued to inflict extreme levels of pain on the naked, well muscled body of the prisoner. Even though he could, the giant is not going to grab Cody's testicles and smash them flat. No, he's going to punish those cum balls with the thick fingers of his powerful hands until they're so bruised and swollen that they ache like no man's ever has. That way they will continue throb with unending pain as the giant moves on to his next torture's threshold.

Where would that be? The tight nipples that crown Cody's heaving, sweat soaked pecs? Imagine the pain when the taut nubs are clamped in the vise made by the giant's thick thumbnail and rough forefinger. Then the scorching agony as he bears down further to roll and rasp the sensitive, nerve laced flesh back and forth until it is raw and bleeding.

How long will it take the giant to break his victim down? Which torment will finally decimate his brain and divorce it from his being? No one knows. Eventually Cody will be just a well muscled physique with a mind to be re-built. Then the giant will turn him over to his superiors. Just as it was when he was a young, strong male captured to serve cruel, unseen masters.

Ludeck said...

Wow, what an amazing piece of art. Tho, wish Cody's balls were a little bigger. Like when fighting the snake. Such a male specimen merits to have bull size balls. And maybe as the giant squeezes the cum outta them, we can see how the testicular vains pop out. Just a thought.

Anyway, this has got to be one of The. Best. Drawings. Ever! Head to toe. His full body muscular contraction as his balls get squeezed merciless.

Great job. Hope to see more of muscle men in severe testicular torture.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is : sssccchhwwwwiinnggg!