Saturday, May 28, 2011


Name: Anak the Wanderer

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 300lbs

Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown/Blue-green

Penis: 12” (non-erect), uncut

Base of operations: Rylex 2 (dense jungle world orbiting a distant star)

Anak roams the harsh jungles and deserts of the planet Rylex, a world thousands of light-years from our world. The last of a long-gone tribe of humanoids, Anak is a phenomenal physical specimen. Standing at 6'5", Anak is nearly 300lbs of pure muscle. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, senses, flexibility, swimming and ability to heal from injury are extraordinary in comparison to even the most physically fit human males. And Anak needs to be stronger and faster, for Rylex is a world in which dangers both familiar and alien are everywhere.

copyright 2011, Kalabro.


BradleyMcCloud said...

That exposed dangling thing between his legs is asking to get attacked/eaten.

Spiders, wasps, bees, ants, piranhas, leeches, frogs, lampreys, snakes, crocodiles/alligators, mosquito.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my.

Also, aren't there creatures that attack anything that moves?

Kalabro said...

Absolutely. I like your thinking--on this savage world, all of those animals will be far worse than what we see here on Earth. Because of Anak's dick and the juice it produces, spiders, wasps, bees, ants, piranhas, leeches, frogs, lampreys, snakes, crocs and alligators and mosquitoes in addition to a menagerie of humanoid and ape-like beasts will target it.

I like your thinking, Bradley!

BradleyMcCloud said...

What can I say? I'm twisted. The destruction of something beautiful is erotic itself.

Kalabro said...

Indeed, Bradley--and there's more. Anak's physiology enables him to 'regenerate'--like some amphibians that are able to regrow severed limbs, Anak's species is able to regrow their body parts. Also, the males of Anak's species exude pheromones that attract mates...and predators. Combined with his superior physical condition, Anak's giant member is attacked/eaten many, many times.

Tyler said...

I like that he can regenerate the damaged bits... but obviously this doesn't mean that losing his fine cock to the jaws of some ravenous beast is painless, far from it, in fact the agony is ten times worse... and whats more, he never knows if his precious organ will grow back this time or not, he knows one day his regeneration will end and he will be permanently without his manhood...

BradleyMcCloud said...

I wouldn't mind seeing his prick get eaten by Piranhas once and then grow back.

inb4 Piranha 3D.

Kalabro said...

Bradley, I think I can make that happen...

musclsvg said...

Even though I was good with the premise of a Russian named Mikhail marooned on a jungle planet full of all sorts of peril and predatory plant life, the change to a wanderer named Anak is great! Only an idiot would turn down a 6'5", 300 lbs. musclestud with an uncut cock that a foot long when it's flaccid. A weapon like that is sure to attract parasites, predators and potential mates when it fully erect and oozing it's own brand of potent pre-cum. I like the fact, that like some amphibians he can regenerate severed body parts. Is his cock that long because every time it renews itself it comes/cums back larger? Can you imagine the self-inflicted torture Anak's body would have to endure as his magnificent physique reverses it's memberless and castrated condition. During such a stage would his other faculties experience a heigthened sense and function? In his temporarily gelded condition he might experience an increase in size and strength that would also fuel his aggression. Anak would probably become a cum-crazed rogue attacking other males, in or out of his genus, for their semen to accelerate his recovery.

Would other amphibian characteristics allow Anak to function underwater for protracted periods of time? The dangers of the wander's primeval world could extend into the submarine as well. Such a powerful, hot-blooded specimen would be bait for any number of sea monsters or even a race of merciless merfolk. Anak could also be targeted by large schools of feeding fish. Functioning from a group instinct to impede and attack the naked intruder from above at his body's most vulnerable and sensitive spots. Engulfing him within their midst to bring him to full arousal and orgasm. Then feeding ravenously on a cloud of semen that grows larger and larger with every convulsion from the savage that was powerless to forestall his brutal and wrenching ejaculation.

rer said...

I'd like to see Anak get tied up.And have two very big guys gut punch him very hard.Until he cums all over the place.