Saturday, June 29, 2013

Macho Marine in Danger

I really don't write many stories, even though there's usually a story to go along with my drawings.

23 year old Carlos was a Marine's Marine. Handsome, muscular, and brash as all hell. He was also a budding bodybuilder, which is why the demented Doctor wanted to get ahold of him. Fortunately, Carlos was a true "Jarhead" in that he wasn't particularly bright--that made it all the easier for the Doctor's henchmen to stalk him, slip him some GHB, and carry the weakened stud away from the dive bar he so often frequented. 

When Carlos awoke, he found he was strapped down in a gurney and in a dimly lit room that smelled of blood, sweat, and chemicals. Straining futilely at his wrist and ankle restraints, the muscled Marine shouted into the darkness, thinking that if he made enough noise, someone would hear him and rescue him. In the darkness, he could make out a form moving towards him. Clad in a surgical mask and other surgeon's garb, the Doctor chuckled softly as he deftly inserted a syringe into Carlos's arm. As Carlos screamed curses, the Doctor calmly informed him that he was giving him a "delightfully toxic" combination of steroids and an experimental erectile dysfunction drug. Within minutes, Carlos's limp penis was fully engorged and throbbing painfully.

"Now, we begin," the Doctor said, as he replaced that syringe with another one. This time, it was connected to an IV drip bag that bore the word "Poison." 

"What the--what the fuck!!" Carlos shouted.

"Now, now. I haven't started the drip yet," the Doctor said in that creepily calm voice. "But when I do, this poison will indeed enter your blood stream. Fortunately for me, it's a slow-acting chemical. Unfortunately for you, it will slowly and painfully kill you."

Over Carlos's protests, the Doctor moved to the other side of the gurney and produced a wickedly long and barbed metal rod. He grabbed Carlos's cock and, without warning, shoved the rod into the cock's piss slit. Carlos howled in agony and thrashed violently as his dick burned from the invasion. He thrashed and howled even more when the Doctor inserted needles connected to electrical leads into his balls. He then connected another electrical wire to the rod imbedded in Carlos's penis. The Doctor placed his gloved hand on a dial and gave a long look at the hapless stud. 

"Oh, God. Oh, God, no..." Carlos moaned.

The Doctor cranked the electricity on.

Carlos's muscular body jerked as hundreds of volts of electricity surged through his meaty cock and balls. The Doctor cranked the dial a little further and laughed as Carlos's genitals were fried. He set some controls that would, at regular intervals, gradually and relentlessly increase the electricity. He then moved back to the IV bag...and then started the drip. Within a half hour, Carlos began to feel the effects of the poison. The tingle he felt in his nerves increased to a burning...every nerve on fire and there was nothing he could do to put it out.


The Doctor gazed upon his muscular victim, satisfied that he would eventually be a lifeless husk of muscle. He watched as Carlos vainly struggled in between the increasingly brutal electric shocks. He laughed as Carlos's body betrayed him and gobs of cum spurted from his tortured dick. The Doctor knew that death would be slow in coming for the tortured Marine, but come it would. He turned to leave...

"Please...for...for the love of God...let...let me go," Carlos pleaded.

The cold, heartless boom of a slamming door was the response.


starfury said...
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starfury said...
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starfury said...

Nice ! Nice!!!

BB_Daddy said...

OMG! He's totally my type!
Thick brows, dark hair with chin stubble <3
Lets hope we could see a couple more or maybe a lot more of him before he met his painful death.
I'd love to see some horror effects on his mighty cock and balls.

Punisher said...

The story is incredible. Totally my type: tough stud being left to die slowly, and he can't do anything about it, except struggle in vain... :) A perfect way to show him how helpless he is in spite of his musculinity and toughness... I just wish that the "brutal part" of story was a little longer, maybe with some sharp knives threating those sculpted and defenceless abs... ;)