Thursday, November 28, 2013

Unhappy Thanksgiving!

I think this might be the second "Thanksgiving" themed drawing I've done. As you might guess, this drawing isn't going to be of hunky men eating turkey, although that does give me a boner-ific idea for next Thanksgiving's special drawing.

This drawing is based on a Joe Jusko creation, "Hellrider."  Here's that painting below:

As you can see, this is a damn good piece--as most of his work is. Of course, I thought, "What if I change it up a bit?" The original piece is about post-apocalyptic cannibals about to eat our hunky hero, so, let's go with that--and Jotto suggested that I show more dick, so here goes:

In my piece, the mutant with the axe just didn't look right, so I took him out. Also, I wanted our hunk to be in a lot more jeopardy (of course!), so the cannibal is strangling him with chains. And, as you can see, our hunk is very well-equipped, which is probably why the cannibal captured him in the first place! Bon appetit!


Lucien said...

Terrrifc action image -lots of sexual tension with our hero being arched backwards and struggling

Kalabro said...

Thanks! It's quickly become one of my favorite pieces.

Dang-Blasted said...

Gorgeous scene, you do strangling so well. Always so sexy to see a helpless stud losing his breath.

Kalabro said...

Thanks! It's one of my favorite themes.

K-Nova said...

Thanks for introducing me to Jusko's "Hell Rider's" - that's an amazing image! I love your (only slightly!) more erotic interpretation of it... ;) Looking forward to next year's Thanksgiving pic! :)