Wednesday, February 4, 2015

MATT: More Ballcrushing!

As the title of the post says...more ball crushing for Matt!

The behemoth thought that crushing Matt's balls would stop the stud from cumming, but he was wrong!

...and for continuing to cum, Matt must pay a price.


sfzephyr said...

Matt's fat, young balls are on the very verge of rupturing, the tough and dense testicle meat torqued and distended to such a grotesque and extreme degree that they barely even look like balls anymore. All of which just further proves what an epic STUD the sexy muscle boy is for being able to reach ANOTHER fantastically copious orgasm even as his precious nuts are about to break!

Of course, Matt's orgasm is only making the cybernetic behemoth that much more angry, as the giant sees the young man's mighty load as an act of defiance. The punishment for defiance is severe...

I hope that the two giants will spend some more time mauling and mangling Matt's beautiful balls. Perhaps squeezing the kids swelling and nearly busted balls down to the extreme bottom of their sac with one massive hand, and then sending the cybernetic fist careening into those twin trapped orbs with annihilating force!

Only to have the kid cream bucket loads of young jock sperm yet AGAIN!

bettekate said...

Well said, Sfzephyr. Matt is as hot as they come, seeing him worked over by you, Kalabro, is a wet dream come true. And yeah, more ballbusting, and definitely more 2 on 1 gutpunching, if you would. I mean, look at that gut, with the perfect happy trail. Couldn't imagine anything hotter than sinking my fists into his belly while those behemoths hold and mangle our hot hero. Thanks for the great work, Kalabro!

hotcha said...

so much yummmmm!