Monday, March 16, 2015

MATT: The Gutpunching Continues!

Well, now that that little dustup that Google caused is over...let's get back to muscle boy Matt!


bettekate said...

OMG these are hot. The prequels too, but holy cow, especially the last one, 2 on 1, Matt held with his arms so far behind his back you can't even see their ends, with his wide open belly pummeled brutally. This is a wet dream cum true, thank you Kalabro, amazing artful scintillating art! Jay

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that last one is sooo hot!!! Matt's gut is being hollowed out by the brutal workover!! Thanks for the great art!

Gpfan said...

Kalabro, i love your art. Matt is hot. I can't get enough of seeing him in these compromising positions. Looking forward to the next installment.