Thursday, May 21, 2015

MATT: Shut Up And Take IT!

Well, I finally got around to finishing--as much as I can say I "finished"--at least part of a series of drawings featuring my OC Matt...
His roommate--who I don't have a name for yet, but does it matter?--jumps on Matt while he's sleeping and fucks him (of course!)

Matt: "MMMPHFF!!!"
Roommate: "Shhhh--shut up, bitch!"

Roommate: "I'm gonna choke you out and THEN fuck you..."

"God, your ass feels so TIGHT...!"

"OH, FUCK!!"


hotcha said...

fucking HOT! choking and powerful ramming.. this is how all sex should be :D

Kalabro said...

:D And you know the roommate is NOT done with him!

Jtrue said...

This is incredibly hot. Very well done.

Kalabro said...

Thanks, Jtrue!

Jdinss said...

These pictyres have so much energy in them, they seems to move on their own. I find that amazing!!!!!