Thursday, June 4, 2015

New OC: Marco

Introducing a new character: Marco!

I like the second drawing (which is in progress) better than the first. Anyway, Marco is a 20-something year old blacksmith who, unfortunately for him, has caught the eye of a local warlord. Of course, the warlord and his henchmen kidnap him and imprison him in a remote dungeon...


bettekate said...

I like them both - maybe the first more because of that narrow waist and flat muscled stomach. Looking forward to Marco's tortures. Thanks Kalabro!

Robert said...

I agree with bettekate, the narrow waist and flat muscled stomach make Marco's cock extra thick and large. Given that the cock is at "soft" mode. It make senses for Marco's physique, blacksmith does sweat a lot and has a good upper body strength. Perhaps is the background, first pic looks better. Second one seems a bit off, maybe his nose?

Since Marco is a blacksmith, can we expect him a couple of existing burnt marks on the muscles from his occupation? Whip marks don't fit with Marco, he is a blacksmith. The warlord sees the existing burnt marks on Marco (who dare to forge an ultimate weapon for the enemy), so the warlord has an idea to give Marco a simple punishment. The Warlord scorches a "x" mark on Marco's cockhead, it makes Marco sweat with a new level of pain aside from his occupation hazard.