Saturday, June 25, 2016

More Sketches!

I think if I ever finish a drawing, it might be a Festivus miracle!


bettekate said...

Love them all as always, especially the second, with the grimacing stud totally exposed for a deep brutal gutpunch, Kalabro style...I hope! Thanks!

sfzephyr said...

AMAZING sketches, Kalabro! I hope you find the time and inspiration to turn them all into completed and fully detailed works. I love the added detail of the lush chest hair on the choking victim in the first drawing, and agree that the gorgeous hunk in the second drawing is now perfectly positioned for some brutal gut punches...or perhaps even a few punches further below the belt. ;)

I wonder if your drowning victim will get off one last, magnificent load before his lungs fill with water. He must have some supremely tough genitals if they're able to support his entire muscular weight like that. Impressive!

Both cock chomping sketches are brutally erotic. Both of those massive cocks look like ferociously tough slabs of beef, so I'm sure it will take a lot of chewing and gnashing to fully maul, mangle, and destroy such majestic examples of the male anatomy. Of course, such astounding strength and resilience cuts both ways, as the unfortunate studs in these two images will be forced to endure every agonizing bite and chomp as their mammoth horse cocks are turned into so much ruined meat.

I'm very interested to see where you go with your final sketch. The gorgeous muscle man looks like he's suffering some sort of brutal and violent attack to his crotch...but I have no idea what that attack could be. You've definitely left me wanting more, Kalabro! :)