Commissions (Stipulations and Fees)

To contact me for commission work, email me at

Commission work will be done only on paper (Bristol board, 9x12 or 11x14) unless otherwise negotiated in writing. 
All commission work will be in black and white.
Commission work will generally not include detailed backgrounds.
I do not do “sequential art” for commission—e.g., comic book interiors.
Turn-around time depends on the number of drawings requested and will be negotiated in writing at the time of the commission.
Drawings will be shipped in bubble-wrapped envelopes with protective sleeves (pencil drawings will be sprayed with a fixative to minimize smudging)
One-half the total fee is due after sketches of final drawing(s) have been approved in writing. That one half is not refundable.
Final payment is due upon acceptance of final versions of drawing(s) have been approved in writing.
All payments will be via PayPal.
Prices do not include postage, which will be added to the total price of the commission.

9 x 12
Single Figure
Pencil: $50
Ink: $70

Scene (2 or more characters)
Pencil: $70
Ink: $90

11 x 14
Single Figure
Pencil: $70
Ink: $90

Scene (2 or more characters)
Pencil: $90
Ink: $100


DL4 said...
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DL4 said...

Any comment on what you will and will not draw?

Anonymous said...

Hey dude - always loved your work. I'm a CBT cam model on Flirt 4 Free - specialise in testing the strength of my own junk. Interested in getting an art piece for my profile pic - me, crazed smashing the hell out of my own snake - kinda thing you could do?

Chris Jackson said...

Hi. I'm new here and can't find how to message you.

I would love to commission you. Please email me at

Thank you.