Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Apeman's Demise

The assailant "tested" the captive apeman's strength with a "light" punch. The force of the blow, however, knocked the apeman's breath from him...and severely bruised his taut slab-like six-pack. The pain of the gutpunch was nearly as unbearable as the pain from the thorny, steel-like vine that dug into his tortured genitals...

...however, the next blows were far worse than that first, probing strike. He wasn't testing the apeman anymore. He aimed his strikes to do maximum damage to the apeman's muscular body. Each strike came faster and with more fury--despite having his hands free, the apeman did not have any time to try to shield his body from the vicious attacks.

The only sound that could be heard was the awful crunch of the granite fists on muscle and bone...and the apeman's anguished and blood-choked cries.

Eventually, the murderous beast had tired of playing with his prey. In one final, brutal attack, the assailant slammed his giant fist into the apeman's face. It was as though the beast channeled all his rage into this one, final punch, the fury of which the apeman had never before experienced. The apeman might as well have been a rag doll. His head snapped back at a sickening angle, his jaw and nose shattered. As conscious thought ebbed away, the apeman in his final moments knew that he had been finally broken.