Monday, April 26, 2010

Under the Lash...and a preview

Well, I've finished another drawing based off of our favorite apeman hanging upside down. He's being punished quite severely--and there is definitely more in store for him!


musclsvg said...

Damn!! Great drawings Kalabro! I could see these as a pre-quel to the story I posted on "Another Finished Drawing" 4/6/10.

The apeman has been captured after confronting a hostile tribe of warriors hunting game in his jungle. What Tarzan didn't realize is that he was the real quarry the savages were stalking. Set upon by number too great to overcome, the jungle lord soon finds himself bound hand and foot and suspended from a long pole like the fresh kill of an antelope. In stoic silence the apeman sways back and forth as he endures the trek back to the natives' village. Word spreads ahead of the hunting party about the capture of the great white ape and they are met by a large crowd anxious to see the jungle legend. Pushing through the crush of frenzied onlookers the party proceeds to the center of the village where a crossbean stands above a low wooden platform. Immediately the warriors deposit their trophy on the rough hewn planks. While spearpoints are held within hairbreadth of his magnificent, near naked body, Tarzan is rebound spread eagle upon the dais. The crowd gathers round several men deep to get a close look at the wildest of jungle creatures. Then the villagers part as the tribal chieftan approaches. He stands at the foot of the platform and surveys the prize before him.

Muscles entwine like mighty serpents about the massive arms and legs that extend out from a powerful torso. Broad, rounded pecs dome from a thick chest. Each crowned with a medallion sized, copper aureole; a thick nub at the nipple's center. A deep ravine divides the two muscle masses and descends to join a maze of channels etched around hard, riverrock abdominals. The waist tapers to slim loins where a trail of dark pubes starts just below the navel and runs downward until it disappears beneath a g-string that is no more than a twist of leather. The garment barely contains an impressive manhood and the shape of a long, thick, penis resting atop two large testicles is outlined in the sweatsoaked doeskin. A wicked sneer forms on the ruler's face as an idea forms within his brain. He knows how to conquer this white savage and destroy the myth that he has become.

(To be continued...)

musclsvg said...


The chieftan leans forward and fixes his prisoner with a cold, steady stare. The apeman returns it unafraid and unyielding. Then the chief reaches down toward the loincloth at Tarzan's waist. He can feel his oppressor's rough fingernails rake his skin as they slide within it's waistband. Then in one violent motion the skant garment is torn from the apeman's hips. The savage monarch raises the skin in the air as his tribe roars. As the demonstration continues the chieftan looks down again at the now totally naked apeman. His genitals freed from their confines seem to grow amid a bed of dark, dense pubes. The cock lengthens and the testicles swell. The sneer returns again to the chieftan's face and a raise of his hand brings the crowd to silence. He barks orders to the warriors of the hunting party who depart and then return with a long length of strong rope. A quick gesture and the spearmen return to take aim at the captive's naked and vulnerable body. Then the chief looks at the warrior holding the rope, fires a short order at him and points to Tarzan's genitals.

The warrior begins to bind the manhood of the jungle lord with the coarse line. First, around the base of his cock and balls and then the phallus and scrotum seperately. Throughout Tarzan remains impassive and betrays no reaction or emotion. Not even when the final knot is pulled tight and the other end of the line is handed to his tormentor. The chief looks down at his prisoner. Still no sign of fear. Then he tosses the rope up in the air and over the crossbeam. The line lands in the midst of the hunting party and is caught by several men. The chieftan's barks some more short orders and all within the group take the rope and pull it tight. With a new frenzy the crowd erupts only to be suddenly hushed by the upraised hand of their ruler. He wants to hear the mighty Tarzan cry out. More importantly, he wants his tribe to hear the apeman beg their ruler for mercy. With his hand still raised, the chief now points to his warriors. The men pull on the line with force. Pain shoots through Tarzan's body as the rope burns the tender skin at the base of his cock and balls and his hips rise in the air.

(To be continued...)

Lucien said...

I'd like to see two whips lashing him: one in front one in back and as he recoils in horror of pain another lash bites into his naked tender asshole - and as he recoils forward in pain- the whip snaps his genitals again to almost blood - then back and forth with not one moment of relief

hotcha said...

awesomely hot! looove tarzan getting beaten around.
maybe i'll color one of these for ya!

musclsvg said...


I've been meaning to get back to finish this pre-quel, but time has been tight. Here's some more of the story in outline form.

- The tribesmen continue to pull on the line about Tarzan's manhood until his magnificent body is raised from the platform and stretched taut as his wrists and ankles are still bound from below.

-The apeman does not break despite the burning pain inflicted on his genitals and outstretched limbs. The chieftan is inwardly enraged that his captive is unyielding, but how long can even the mighty Tarzan last? Especially when left to broil in the scorching equatorial sun. The tribe retreats to shadier vantage points and begins to drone a maddeningly monotonous chant.

- This continues for hours until the sun is high overhead and Tarzan's powerful naked physique is basted in his own sweat like a piece of roasting meat.

- Shortly after noon, a hunting party enters the village. A group of eight white men with an interpreter and a leader name, Blade. An elite band of mercenaries, each is large, well built and heavily armed. Booted and wearing camouflage fatigue trousers, the men are barechested displaying cut physiques with an ammo belt slung diagonally cross their tattoo branded torsos. The natives greet the party with respect, knowing that even though few in number their firepower could take out the entire village.

- The tribal chieftan approaches the leader, Blade. Other than Tarzan, he has never seen such a powerfully built white man. Tall and broad shouldered, serpentine ink coils up his thick forearms and around his massive biceps. His wide chest is thick and covered with dark hair. Large bronzed nipples crown his pecs and each large nub is pierce with a heavy, polished, iron ring. A length of chain is swagged between his two medallion sized aureoles and shines against a matte of dense body hair. His torso tapers to a slim, tautly muslced waist. A heavy utility belt pushes his trousers down so that his pubes can be seen at the base of his last course of cobble abs. His wide stance thrust his hips forward, and even though covered, a large, cut endowment is obvious just beneath the sweat soaked shades of olive fabric.

- Steely eyes peer down from the brutish face of the intruder as the tribal chief bows lows. Blade motion his intrepreter forward and the men begin to converse in hushed tones.

(To be continued...)

musclsvg said...


- After a few minutes of muffled conversation, Blade breaks away, talks to his men for a moment and then approaches the naked body of the jungle lord held taut between the lines around his genitals and outstretched limbs. "So this is the mighty Tarzan?" says the soldier of fortune. "No doubt you remember me. The name is Blade and you've been a thorn in my side ever since I entered your stinking jungles. The chief here has been kind enough to allow me and my men a chance to break you. I've told him that there's no sport in it the way you're trussed up. The great white ape must be taken down as he swings through the jungle."

With that he motions to his men and points to the lines that hold the captives mighty arms and legs. Four men hurry forth to sever them with their bayonets while the rest head for the rope running over the crossbeam. Tarzan experiences a brief moment of relief as his wrists and ankles are cut free. Then he feels scorching pain as he is roughly raised by the line around his genitals. Blade is now standing next to the suspended prisoner as he is brought even with his broad hairy chest. The two men exchange defiant glances and then the mercinary takes a bullwhip from his utility belt. Uncoiling the rawhide weapon he raises it overhead. The muscles of his huge bicep flex beneath the inked flesh covering it and he brings the lash down with a loud crack. Then with his free arm he pushes the hanging captive and says, "Swing, apeman!!".

Tarzan moves away from his tormentor like a pendulum set in motion. As he does, Blade moves backwards and once again raises his whip overhead. The lash seems to pause in mid-air for a second and then comes down on the tender flesh on the underside of Tarzan's cock. The apeman's mind flashes blinding white with pain, but still he does not cry out. Then Blade shouts, "Come on, men! Join in!"

- The soldiers circle around the hanging captive and stike him with their powerful fists when he moves close enough to land a blow. A rain of steady abuse falls upon the body of the apeman. A rain punctuated periodically with the crack of Blade's whip and then the pain that lands like a white-hot bullet on the tenderest flesh of the jungle lord's naked body. Soon the barchested bodies of Blade and his men are covered with heavy sweat. Their camo trousers clinging to their lower bodies making them look half man/half reptile. The bronzed skin on their broad shoulders, muscular arms and wide chests shine like polished metals. The torment is nonstop for the mighty Tarzan, but still he does not cry out or show any sign of surrender.

(To be continued...)

musclsvg said...


- The chief watches the outsiders as they continue to pummel the suspended apeman. Realizing that they too are unable to make Tarzan cry out, he signals his warriors to move between the mercenaries and where they have left their weapons. Then the leader calls for a halt to the assault on the jungle lord. Looking up Blade sees what has transpired while his attention was focus on the torture of his naked nemesis. Reluctantly he calls for his men to halt, but not before landing one last lash of his whip on Tarzan's tethered genitals. Along with his barechested,sweat soaked soldiers for hire Blade moves to a neutral position.

-All is silent as the still moving body of the great white ape gradually comes to a stop. Then the chief motions to his warriors and they approach the hanging hunk of muscular, male flesh. Only the mighty Tarzan of The Apes could have endured the sadistic torture visited upon him and now the white savage wonders "What next?".

- The warriors divide as they approach the low platform under their prisoner. Some to the rope from which the captive is suspended and the rest along one side of the dais now stained with the apeman's sweat and blood. Once in position the native stop and look to their leader as if awaiting further instruction. The chieftan then walks across the village clearing to face his men across the rough hewn planking. The chief than strikes the wooden floor with the end of his staff resulting in a hollow, drum-like boom. Then he points to the warriors facing him. Quickly they bend down and begin to drag the platform out from under the suspended body of the captive. The opening of a large pit is revealed. Tarzan can feel cold air raising against his back as he looks into the ebony face of his tormentor. The chieftan snaps his fingers and a servant hurries forth with a stone about the size of a large mellon. Never taking his gaze from the apeman's noble face, the chief takes the stone and throws it into the pit. Then all is silence. No sound of the object hitting bottom and echoing back. Then the ruler shakes his staff overhead sounding like the rattle on a venomous serpent. Slowly the magnificent naked body of Tarzan of The Apes is lowered into the inky blackness below.

End of Pre-quel.