Friday, April 2, 2010

Yet Another Tarzan Sketch...

You are not sick of Tarzan in serious trouble, are you?
This original sketch was going to be one in a series (probably the one I posted about a year ago) of drawings in which Tarzan is mercilessly pummeled. As you can see, I never finished it.

I've been pondering what to do with this sketch. I first decided to invert the sketch and have Tarzan fish-hooked and used as shark-bait; the sketch just didn't look right, even though revisiting the drowning them was interesting. I then thought about revisiting a theme that I love: a muscular man hanging in peril. I thought about drawing sharp rocks and crashing waves below him, or having him hanging above a shark-infested pool.

*Update: I finally was able to, through much hooking and crooking and fussing with various programs to upload the more finished sketch of Tarzan hanging by his sausage. FINALLY!


musclsvg said...

Sick of Tarzan is serious trouble...are you kidding? The jungle savage facing yet another peril has been the main attraction for almost a century. A superbly muscled, near naked male specimen facing inescapable danger is always incredilbly hot!

As for having the apeman dangerously suspended there's always a pit of poisonous snakes. Or a tide pool with rising waters that bring him closer and closer to the razor sharp teeth of a squirming butch of alligators. My favorite would be the crater of an extinct volcano that now serves as the lair for a monsterous, serpent like creature. Tarzan is lowered down the shaft to the point where he's just out of reach of the giant snake. That way the apeman's captors can enjoy the torture of their prisoner as well as the frustration of the serpent as it continually lunges upward toward the bait dangled before it. Of course the real suspense is whether Tarzan will be able to free himself before the huge reptile makes the ultimate effort and seizes the magnificent jungle god in his massive jaws.

This is a great sketch! I'm anxious to see it cleaned up and detailed. By the way, you never commented on the story I left on your drawing of Tarzan suspended underwater by his cock and balls and about to be attacked by angry slugs. I hope you liked it. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Kalabro said...

musclsvg, thanks for the comment. I like your comments about what could be happening to the apeman. Actually, what I've done (at least in my mind) is separate the drawing of the jungle boy being attacked by the slugs--he's not the same person as in the drawings of the hairy apeman (though, they may meet up at some point ;-).

I've been thinking about having the apeman suspended in a gigantic bottomless pit--he's reaching out, trying to grab onto the walls, but they're out of reach.

rer said...

Could tarzan get his abs pummeled by a tribe of giants.Until he cums all the women the tribe.

Ivan said...

tarzan in trouble is hot! would like to see some sketches of tarzan battling a huge tribesman for supremacy. a chief's son has grown bigger and stronger and out of control. the chief calls on tarzan for help before the boy takes control of the tribe.

tarzan just returning from a long trip surveying the jungle is in much need of rest. he is gaunt from his travels surviving on plants and little water.

he returns to face the massive youth in a fierce battle.