Monday, October 29, 2012

The Atlantean (OC & WIP)

On the heels of my previous OC (which a reader said should be named "Axelrod"--what say you?), here's another superhero who will be part of what I'm now calling the Triumvirate: The Atlantean!

As you can see, the Atlantean isn't quite finished yet. :-) I just wanted to show what I'm working on next.  I'll fill in his background later. I'm thinking of making him an Atlantean soldier who has been exiled to the surface world because of his relationship with the crown prince of Atlantis.

After this one, I'm going to work on a new version of Karson, who I want to add to the Triumvirate.


Tyler said...

I'm looking forward to what you do with your sexy superheroes... of course, they all must have a weakness, like Superman's Kryptonite, something an evil and horny super villain can use to capture them and enslave them...

comiclvr said...

I agree with Tyler! I love to see a horny Supervillain exploit a superhero weakness and capture them and test their endurance!