Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Oldie (and one of my favorites!)

"Deadly Workout"


catbatbom said...


musclsvg said...

A great drawing Kalabro! Another variation on the theme of forced reps. This time it's even hotter because we're shown who's subjecting the captured musclejock to the torturous workout regimen. A strange, four toed musclebeast.

Perhaps an extraterrestrial on a hunting expedition to bring back prime, young male specimens. Muscular earthlings to be enslaved for a variety of reasons and roles: A beast of burden, imprisoned and sentenced to grueling labor. A laboratory subject in genetic research to be kept caged and repeatedly raped for his semen. Or, just a hot piece of earthling muscle flesh to be utilized in any number of ways to satisfiy his captors' carnal appetities.

Still hasn't everyone been out so late at night that it's actually early morning and wondered about that unexplained sound in dark of a moonless night. It could be this creature that places a suffocating hand over his victim's face or simply bludgeons him into submission. Later the male awakens stripped and unaware that because of his physical attributes he is but the latest of disappearances that cannot be explained. His body and being belong to his captors now and they mean to make him one of them. Countless hours of pain that will destroy his mind and transform his body lie ahead. He will become as huge and heavily muscled as his tormentors. He will take on their half human/half reptile appearance. A bald head with slitted eyes, flat nose and lipless mouth will sit atop a gargantuan physique. Huge veins will cross his body beneath a paper thin skin supplying cold blood to his massive musculature. He will learn to be cruel and take pleasure in pain. You can see the first lessons of that in this drawing. Look closely. There's a dildo nailed to that workout bench. You can be certain that his trainer made sure it was rammed up the stud's ass before chaining his ankles and forcing the barbell into his hands.

rer said...

LIked to see this in full color. And then have a second muscle man punch him in the abs.

Thanos said...

delightfully vicious
welldone Kalabro