Monday, December 27, 2010

Cody and the Serpent (another WIP)

I'm finally figuring out this whole layers business on Photoshop. Plus, the above drawing is a reference to a Jotto piece:
I'm obviously putting my own spin on it, but I haven't figured out what the background might be. That's my next task, I suppose, but I probably will wind up doing some other drawings.


Dynamobull said...

Wow, your work is great. Have you ever considered drawing up a whole story in comic book form?

musclsvg said...

Thanks for postings both works Kalabro. I've never seen a clean copy of the Jotto piece. It really is impressive. As to the background for Cody and the Serpent, how about a pagan temple? Surrounded by frenzied snake worshippers, the naked and muscular Cody struggles against the serpent that holds him in place for the start of a brutal sacrificial rite. High priests will repeatedly milk the thick, opalescent "venom" from the cut head of the erect viper between Cody's massive legs into a chalice. Then they will raise the brimming cup to summon forth an all mighty Cobra God with flared hood and dripping fangs.