Monday, December 20, 2010

Slicing and Soldering


INthralled said...

Who knew agony could be so deliciously erotic!

musclsvg said...

Great drawing Kalabro! It has a kinky, hot eroticism. I've looked at it several times, but it just occurred to me what could be taking place here. The young, bound stud is not just some lab specimen undergoing a bizarre medical procedure. The sadistic surgeon is actually performing an operation, apparently without anesthetic, that will enslave his subject. Soon this male that has been targeted and captured because of his physical attributes will become just like the towering hulk seen in the background. A massively built brute with incredible strength, but with an altered mental capacity. Another in a cadre of muscle beasts blindly bound to a master by a re-engineered and limited intellect and forced to carry out his orders with every ounce of strength in their gargantuan, naked physiques.

Thanos said...

incredibly hot
love the surgeon action to this slaved male.
what is the surgeon ojbective ?
would love to have the Before and the after please